starting a clothing line

Starting A Clothing Line? How Will Your Market It?

If you are starting a clothing line, and have a great product and brand in mind, then you will likely get a little attention simply by putting your products up for sale. But if you want to maintain your success, then you need to market yourself and your clothing line to create consistent awareness around […]

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Select Your Wholesale T Shirts Like a Pro

The biggest mistake people make when they start a t-shirt company is that they cut corners in the wrong places. We all know that t-shirts are not created equally, but it is tempting to save money one of the major start up expenses when you need to stretch your dollars! Don’t choose your wholesale t […]

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Coreldraw Design Screen

Evaluating Your T Shirt Design Software Choices

Give your t shirt design software some careful thought before you buy.  Finding a program that is the right challenge for your current computer skills, provides the options that compliment your artistic vision, and is in your price range will be an important investment for your new t shirt business.  If possible, get software that […]

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Five Star

5-Star Checklists For How To Start A TShirt Company

“How hard can it be? You buy some blank shirts, print something amusing on them like “I’m with stupid” or “more cowbell” and it’s off to the bank to cash the checks.” Matt Levy, co-founder of 10 Again Clothing Just in case you don’t find it quite that simple, here are 5 lists for helping […]

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The Basics Of How To Start A T Shirt Business

It seems that there has been an upsurge in the demand for TShirts with funny, clever, or interesting sayings. Also very popular are TShirts with favorite singers, bands, and movie quotes. Brands have become super popular- and not just clothing brands. Just about anywhere you go, you will see people sporting a TShirt with their […]

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Tips For Starting A Clothing Line

Starting a clothing line is something many creative people dream of, especially if they are interested in the fashion industry. We see fashion all the time and don’t have to wait for famous Haut Couture designers to have their fashion shows. We just need to watch red carpet events on TV to find beautiful clothes. […]

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Learn How To Start A Clothing Line

A lot of people dream of running their own business but how many of them actually go on to do something about it? You hear people say that they want to learn how to start a clothing line, for example, but how many ever do? Not that many, most people can come up with an […]

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business plan

Developing Your T Shirt Business Plan

Business plans are an essential part of all business. When it comes to your t shirt business plan, this will not only help you to gain any necessary outside funding – it will help you develop a solid business model to work through. Your business plan is there to guide your business towards its objectives, […]

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5 Ways of Marketing Online T Shirt Business Websites

Marketing online t shirt business websites is an extremely important process in getting visitors to your site and hopefully making sales. While it is possible to spend thousands on paid advertising programs, there are also a number of free routes that you should take advantage of – you may be surprised at the results!

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Launch Your Home T Shirt Business

If you’ve decided to take the first step in creating your home t shirt business then great! You are now on your way to making a living from doing something that you love. However, in order to succeed in this competitive business you are going to have to start planning from the beginning. This includes […]

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