Interested In How To Start A Clothing Line?

If you have ever wondered how to start a clothing line business, then this blog is for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in finding success in your business, and making it a long-term source of major income, then this blog is for you.

Let Me Help You Find Success In Your Clothing Line

How to start a clothing lineMy name is Gino Orlandi, and I am the founder of Color Overload. I have had years of experience in the clothing line business, and I have created one of the most popular t shirt blogs on the Internet.

My journey has not always been easy. I have made many mistakes along the way that cost me money, but those mistakes are the reason I am so successful today. I learned what works in the clothing line business and what doesn’t, and I know the key concepts to create a successful business.

I also know that anyone can find success in their own clothing line business with the right business plan, and this blog was created to help you develop that plan, carry it out, and stay successful throughout your own journey.

Why Start A Clothing Line Business?

A clothing line business is one of the best businesses to start. Clothes, like food, are always going to be needed and in demand by people. (Unless all of society completely changes into a nudist community!) Even better, people are always looking for new clothes to wear and stand out in, which makes clothes like t shirts a popular business venture.

For example, different materials, colors, and designs can create thousands of different types of shirts. Therefore, there is enough room for us all, and anyone with a profitable and unique idea can learn how to start a clothing line business, stand out, and become successful.

A Business Versus A Job

What is a normal fashion designer salary? Well, on the low end it is just over $30,000 and on the high end it is just over $65,000.  This is after a few years of education and experience in the field. In addition, a fashion designer has to report to a boss and works under their supervision.

A clothing line business owner, on the other hand, can earn as much as they want. There is no salary cap when it comes to owing your own business, and there is no one else to take credit or profits away from you. The only limitation to salary is how well the business concept is thought out, and how well it is carried through.

What You Will Find on The Fuel For Design Blog

On this blog, you will learn how to make appropriate decisions and actions to ensure that you know how to start a clothing line business that will be successful.

Topics include:

Business Conception:

Creating a well thought out and solid business plan is how to start a tshirt company that will be successful. The core idea you choose, and the plan you build around it, has the potential to make or break you. One thing to keep in mind is that offensive ideas can cost you your business. Michael Fowler knows this very well. He was selling hundreds of shirts every day, but when some of his shirts for sale were noticed to say things like ‘Keep Calm and Rape a Lot’, he quickly lost everything. He is now receiving death threats and facing huge debt because of his poor judgement. Let me show you how to think outside the box, and come up with a great idea and plan, without harming your reputation or business.


The first thing you need to know when it comes to how to start your own clothing line is what designs you want to put on your clothes. Let me show you the best software to help come up with your designs. No matter what your current skill-set in drawing or design is, there is a t shirt design software that can help you get your ideas out of your head and put them visually in front of you. Also, creating your clothes may involve outsourcing. You will need to find a supplier for clothes and a company to print out your design on those clothes. Not everyone has a lot of money to invest in their business, and that’s okay. Learn how you can save money and still produce a quality product.


To say that branding your clothing line business is ‘important’ is an understatement. If you want to learn how to start a tshirt line that makes a huge profit, then you have to know how to brand your business. You must ensure that you stand out from the crowd and get recognized for your work. You don’t want to be ‘another clothing business’; instead, you want people to know your name and look for your brand of clothing specifically. Your brand decision will influence how potential business partners and customers view you, so make sure you understand how to build a brand that pleases everyone, including yourself.


Every clothing business needs a successful marketing plan. Marketing is important to attract people to your clothing line and makes sales. Without constant exposure, you will not find the success you are looking for. This is something that many business owners learn the hard way. They get their name out there and become popular, and then they stop their marketing efforts only to watch their sales decrease. Staying in the public eye is essential to staying in people’s minds. Everyone is busy in life and without gentle reminders of the things they enjoy, they tend to forget about them. Learn how to market your business and stay in the limelight!

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There are more subjects to discuss about the clothing line business than I can mention on this page, but in short, this blog will teach you how to start a tshirt business that can’t fail, and how to start a fashion line that gets talked about and recognized on the street. All of that equals a successful business that makes huge profits!